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Products are listed for comparison purposes.  Specific configurations may be required for depending on customer configurations.


 Small Office

Small Business

Large Business

Enterprise Business


Model: 10100
Speed: 15Mb
Form Factor: Desktop

Model: 20100
Speed: 30Mb
Form Factor: 1U Server

Model: 30100
Speed: 160Mb
Form Factor: 1U Server

Model: 40100
Speed: 1Gb
Form Factor: 1U Server


Model: 10200
Speed: 30Mb
Form Factor: Desktop

Model: 20200
Speed: 90Mb
Form Factor: 1U Server

Model: 30200
Speed: 300Mb
Form Factor: 1U Server

Model: 40200
Speed: 2.5Gb
Form Factor: 1U Server


Model: 10300
Speed: 50Mb
Form Factor: 1U Server

Model: 20300
Speed: 120Mb
Form Factor: 1U Server

Model: 30300
Speed: 622Mb
Form Factor: 1U Server

Model: 40300
Speed: 10Gb
Form Factor: 1U Server





Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)


Every company has experienced a computer emergency or cyber security incident. 


Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT)


Computer forensics is complicated. Many things can be missed.



We fight cyber attacks every day. Our experienced team is ready to immediately respond to your company's cyber incidents and emergencies.


Even if you are not an existing client, our team will immediately respond. We have staff located throughout the United States and can likely be at your facility within hours at the latest.

Our team has the experience, tools, and practical knowledge to help shut down ongoing cyber attacks, to execute the necessary forensics, gather needed evidence, and work with law enforcement to prosecute the attackers. Our clients are attacked by millions of attackers located throughout the world. We effectively stop them every day.


Once we have set your company back on course, we invite you to take a close look at our Proactive Defense Network™ to automatically prevent future attackers from penetrating your networks systems by working collaboratively with all of our clients in a global collaboration for mutual defense.




Governance & Compliance and Controls - Overview


ISO 27001 Compliance*
PCI Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
Penetration Testing
Source Code Security Audits


Do I need a pentest?


Compliance standards, such as SOX, PCI-DSS and HIPAA are examples of dictated Governance strategy.  Other organizational policies may also dictate the need to routinely assess the information security of the infrastructure.


These tests should be performed at a minimum of once a year. However, since adds, and changes to that infrastructure occur frequently it may be recommend that such testing occur on a more frequent basis.


* Service provided though an affiliated ISO partner.