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Introducing the most RESPONSIVE SECURITY PRODUCT in the industry


The Proactive Defensive Network (PDN) ecosystem


                 Ending the Cyber threat in a Connected World



Cyber criminals often target consumers who are least protected. The FBI-affiliated Internet Crime Complaint Center registers 25,000 complaints every month, everything ranging from identity theft to online scams. Businesses, regardless of industry or geography, are subject to repeated attacks by hackers seeking to acquire their valuable data and everyone is a potential victim.

                        What is a PDN?



                       THE ONLY PROTECTION OF ITS KIND....



Ensure the Most Secure Environment with The Proactive Defense Network™ (PDN)

The depth of integration between our product architectures and its ability to collaborate with other security technologies empowers the first truly unified defense system commercially available.


                   The PDN Difference

·      Security experience, tools, knowledge base, and
    methods effectively neutralize attackers in real-time.

·      Proactively and automatically defeats cyber-attacks while simultaneously gathering real-time intelligence to identify and defeat zero-day, negative day and any other emerging cyber threats.

·      A proven track record of success in preventing cyber-attacks weeks to months before they are attempted.

·      Unrelenting research. Using a synergy of automated and human efforts to research threats, those who create them, and those who seek to exploit or attack.

                     PDN Features:
  •                    Automatic attack termination
  •            Real-time global collaboration for mutual defense
  •           Network anti-virus / anti-spyware
  •           Protocol filtering
  •                    Web Application Firewall
  •                    Unlimited Block List

The Proactive Defense Network™ is a global collaboration  for mutual defense, where all clients work together to detect, identify, gather and share intelligence, to defeat aggressors worldwide.



                      Actively tracking 3,912,294 aggressors
                        attacking within the past 24 hours.

             Actively tracking 107,971 malware and phishing
                      servers within the past 24 hours.
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